27 year old professional tennis player originally from Istanbul,Turkey, living in Sweden. Having been dedicated to my sport since a young age put me on a path where I had a great chance of traveling around the world, living in different countries and experiencing life fully.

As a young girl living off of a suitcase, having intense training schedule, engaging in very competitive sports world taught me to understand my body better, manage pain, fuel myself with the right nutrients, and embrace the right mindset towards life, so I can perform at my best.

With the years of  physical and mental practice I started to sense that this is my mission to spread and teach it to more people and help them change their lifestyles and mindsets.

My life is all about the ”harmony of mind, body and soul”. Besides my professional tennis career, my primary life goal is to touch other people’s lives and leave a positive impact in their worlds.

I’ve got a lot in my own world and I’m here to share it all!

Welcome to di ‘ lite!

by Dilara Yurtkuran